We provide a full service

From your ideas to a completed new home, we will work with you to design and build your own beautifully crafted home.  Using our quantity surveyors, architects and build teams, we will combine your ideas with our expertise to create the home your personalised home.

We can do a full architectural design and build project with you, or we can work from your architectural drawings to bring your new home to life.

You can choose from a fixed price contract or an “open book” contract.  With either choice our team will fully manage your build project and keep you up to date as we go.

We are focussed

We build new homes and multi-dwelling developments in the mid to high end range.  We only build in Auckland.  This allows us to focus on you and your desires for your new home.

We are known for:

  • Unique designs inspired by our clients and their sites
  • Well executed and crafted builds that stand out from other homes
  • Beautifully built homes that are relevant now and in to the future


You may just have a few ideas about what you want in your future home or you may have plans that have been drawn up by your architect.  We can work with either of these.

If you are in the ideas phase, we will take you through our design process.

If you already have architectural plans, we will work with you to get it to the start of the construction phase, right through to you moving into your new home.

We have a 4 step design process:

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Concept Designs
  3. Formal Pricing
  4. Building Consent

Once we have building consent approval, we will move to our next stage in the process: Construction.

  • 1. Feasibility Study

    • This is where we test whether your build project is ready for the next step: getting initial architectural concept drawings
    • We will meet with you for a free no obligation assessment of your project, considering the site and size of the project, your wants, tastes and must-haves
    • We will provide you with a written initial cost indication of your build project
  • 2. Concept Designs

    • We will engage one of our preferred Architects based on our feasibility test to create initial plan designs
    • Initial Concept Plans include: a site plan, floor plans, elevations and perspective drawings
    • We will provide further feedback on the project cost based on these plans
    • We will meet with you to discuss and finalise the design
  • 3. Formal Pricing

    • We will meet with you to go through more specific details of your project, for example kitchen design and appliances
    • We will engage our Quantity Surveyors and from here we will provide you with a  more accurate cost for your project
    • We will complete all the Building Contract documentation together
  • 4. Building Consent

    • We will arrange for our Architect to create Detailed Construction Drawings of your project
    • We will submit Building Consent documentation to Council
    • Once building consent is processed and issued we will move to the next step: Construction

For your new build project, we will appoint a Project Manager to manage the construction process.  Construction is one of the most exciting part of the process, but it is not without challenges.  Our experienced Project Manager, will keep in contact with you throughout the process.

We work with a select group of sub-contractors to build your new home to our exacting standards.  When you push the “Go” button on your new home or development, you can be confident, the build process is under control and that each of our sub-contractors has  been well-briefed on your home.

Our construction process has five key components to it:

  1. Site Preparation
  2. The Build
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Code Compliance Certificate

We build beautiful homes and so before we meet with you to confirm completion of your home, we go through to ensure the finished project meets our contract and our standards. Once our checks are complete, your new home will be ready for you to move in to and enjoy.


  • 1. Site Preparation

    • We will arrange and oversee the site survey set out and security of the property as well as manage any pre-construction consent conditions
    • We will undertake site establishment and earthworks, this includes setting up the site for construction and things like  arranging services to the build site for construction.
  • 2. The Build

    • We arrange the framing, roofing and joinery, this includes arranging all the building materials required and each separate specialist trade service to install each part
    • We will arrange connections to mains services for power and water, this includes all electrical, drainage and plumbing work and each separate trades specialist to complete each piece of work
    • Once building work is complete we will arrange all the materials and trades specialists to complete the internal lining, painting and finishing, this includes all floor coverings
    • We will arrange and oversee the installation of cabinetry in the kitchen and the bathroom
    • Throughout the build, our Project Manager will, troubleshoot and manage issues as they come up as well as regularly visit the site and keep you up to date on all things that you need to know about
  • 3. Health and Safety

    • We are committed to health and safety and this is a daily feature of our construction process
  • 4. Quality Assurance

    • Throughout the construction process we regularly check on the quality of the work that is done
    • At the end of The Build, our Project Manager performs a 25 point quality check on the completed project
    • We consistently seek feedback from our clients and look to improve our systems and processes
  • 5. Code Compliance Certificate

    • Once your build is complete, we will manage the process to get the Code Compliance Certificate issued

For more than ten years we have been guiding clients through every step of their building projects.  In this time we have learned that there are two things that can really make a difference for our clients in a new home or new multi-dwelling development project.

These are:

  1. Keeping You Informed
  2. Managing Your Budget



  • 1. Keeping You Informed

    • Over the last 10 years, we have developed a management and communications structure designed to inspire confidence that we are not only meeting our obligations to you, but also keeping you informed on what’s happening all the way through the job.
    • This includes:
      • Regular meetings with you to address key decisions, and update you on progress and budget
      • A dedicated project manager who coordinates all inputs to the project, manages the budget, ensures milestones are being met and work is being completed to a high standard
      • An on-site foreman responsible for the daily management of the building team
      • Our general manager who knows your project intimately and is your support contact throughout the project
  • 2. Managing Your Budget

    • In costing your project, we aim to minimise the unknown factor by identifying the things that experience has taught us to expect through years of working with all type of homes, our experience has also proven that working alongside architects throughout the design process achieves a better budget outcomes and minimises interruptions and delays throughout the build.
    • We want to avoid cost overruns as much as you do, so we take your budget seriously:
      • We cost engineer your project, collaborating with our architect to find cost effective solutions for your budget
      • We provide fixed price or open book contracts
      • We keep you informed on how your budget is tracking